WE Model United Nations EXPO 2021

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WE see you again

Dear Delegates and Faculty Advisors,

In 2020, a sudden epidemic has disorganized the lives of all of us. In the past special year, we didn’t realize the appointment to meet in Beijing every summer because of the epidemic. However, WEMUN EXPO didn’t stop, the online meeting without space restriction allow us to meet in the cloud, feel the convenience of the Internet era, and experience such a different WEMUN EXPO 2020.

After a year of waiting and efforts, now we decide to let WEMUN EXPO return to her summer track, so that you who have accumulated strength for a whole year can meet in Beijing again this summer! Herein, we officially announce that WEMUN EXPO 2021 will be held in Beijing from August 3rd to 6th !

This year, we are going to invite eight Sub-Conferences to allocate at WEMUN EXPO 2021, with 1-3 committees for each sub-conference. We will continue to maintain cooperation with top global Model United Nations brands and organizations such as the University of Chicago, Oxford University, Cornell University, University of Pennsylvania, University of California, Berkeley, McGill University and the UN4MUN.
In this year’s conference, we are going to be more focused on the selection of Committees and Topics. The organizing committee, work along with our Sub-Conferences members, will keep on upgrading the committee topics, exceeding 40% topics of crisis or joint crisis committees. Meanwhile, we are going to be strictly select the members of the Dais members from each Sub-Conference, our goal is to present the highest academic standard to each delegate.

At the same time, we will also enrich many special activities during the conference, we will be strictly implementing the related epidemic prevention regulations, continue to improve the service level of the conference, and create a safe, orderly, high-level and high-quality environment for each delegate. Now, the registration for the Conference is available on the official website of WELAND. Please refer to the Guide, and know about the 14th WE Model United Nations EXPO.

Join us this summer!
WEMUN EXPO 2021 Organizing Committee


Upgraded Overall Academic Level

Cooperate with international organizations and non-governmental organizations to set up special committees to enhance the authority and professionalism of the conference. Meanwhile, we will invite embassies and consulates, officials from international organization, Chinese retired diplomats, experts, professors and scholars in different fields, to operates panels and workshops during the sessions. Students will have the opportunity to jointly discussing the biggest issues and challenges in the world today.

• Upgraded committee topics

While retaining the traditional English Committee, we will increase the number of special committees, which will account for nearly 50% of the total number of the general committee. Topics will be include the History Committee, Innovation Committee and Future Committee, and the topics and organizational forms will not be limited to the United Nations and general international organizations.

• New Rules of Procedure

We are going to set more than three Chinese language committees, by adopting the new Rules of Procedures, to ensure delegate free to discuss. To provide a platform for them to debate, negotiate and lobbying, and have a uniquely immersive experience.

• Special Events and Activities

Green light dance teaching and WeGala, the organizing committee will explore more interesting events and activities during the sessions, such as College Fair, Summit Forum, team confrontation, etc.

• Upgraded Online Training

The organizing committee will arrange a series of online academic training before the conference. Delegates will learn Rules and Procedures, how to do topic research, and improve their writing ability. We will also provide academic training for the special committees.


Berkeley Model United Nations

Model United Nations of University of Chicago

Oxford Global Model United Nations

The Secondary Schools United Nations Symposium

United Nations for Model United Nations

We Model United Nations Conference

说明: WEMUN EXPO 2021海外分会场将与各海外高校和相关组织机构签署品牌使用协议,并共同遴选各海外高校和相关组织机构模联团队在华成员,确保主席团的国际化、高水平与专业性。


2021/04/02Conference Registration
2021/04/15Assistant Director Application Starts
Conference Volunteer Application Starts
2021/04/25Committees and Topics Releasing
2021/05/25Background Guide Releasing
2021/05/30Assistant Director Application Due
Conference Volunteer Application Due
2021/07/15Conference Registration Deadline
2021/07/20Logistics Information Deadline
2021/08/03WEMUN EXPO 2021 Starts



The Beijing International Convention Center


No.8 Beichen Dong Road, Chaoyang DistSict, Beijing P.R.China 100101


August 3rd 2021, Tuesday

08:00-16:30Conference Registration
17:00-18:00Opening Ceremony
18:00-19:00Dinner Service
19:00-22:00Committee Session 1

August 4th 2021, Wednesday

09:00-12:00Panel Discussion
12:00-13:00Lunch Break
14:00-18:00Committee Session 2
18:00-19:00Dinner Break
19:00-22:00Committee Session 3

August 5th 2021, Thursday

09:00-12:00Committee Session 4
12:00-13:00Lunch Break
14:00-18:00Committee Session 5
20:00-22:30Delegate Gala

August 6th 2021, Friday

08:30-10:30Committee Session 6
11:30-12:30Closing Ceremonies
12:30-13:30Lunch Break
13:30Delegate See-off


Conference Fee: 2880 RMB/per delegate Fee includes,

• Conference Registration Fee
• Conference Materials Kit
• Model UN Training Session
• Insurance (both accident injury insurance and medical insurance)
• Government Tax/Service Charges


Delegation registration

Faculty Advisor and head delegate please click the button below for delegation registration, the organizing committee will be in touch with you soon!

Conference fee for delegation can be paid through both Alipay and bank transfer. Alipay and bank account
information are as follow:



Individual delegate registration

Please click the button below for registration, the organizing committee will be in touch with you soon after you
complete your payment!


WEMUN EXPO is the largest MUN Conference in Aisa, process over 1000 delegates come from the U.S, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Philippines, etc. every year in Beijing China.

The First session of WE Model United Nations EXPO (WEMUN EXPO) was held in 2008. Today, WEMUN EXPO has become the largest-scale international middle and high school students MUN conference in Asia, with over 1000 student representatives from across the world participating each year.

It joined hands with famous nationwide universities in organizing, such as Oxford University, University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell University, University of California Berkeley.