UN Sustainable Development Goals—Gongcheng, Guangxi Province

Background and Overview

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were unanimously adopted by all UN Member States in 2015, calling on the world to act together to eliminate poverty, protect the planet, and improve the lives and future of all people.

In accordance with the requirements of global competence, this project is guided by professional instructors, through 7-day immersive and participatory rural surveys and research, to guide students to master social survey methods, understand the UN sustainable development goals, form a research report, and propose to promote sustainable development Practical actions to achieve the goal.

The Chinese experience has become an indispensable link to solving global problems. While focusing on European, American, and international education, young people should also improve their understanding of local culture, characteristics, and governance capabilities, combine international discourse with their own national development and participate in youth advocacy actions. So as to truly have an international vision and Chinese experience and lead the future world development.

Why do we need to participate in Project-Based Research in a rural area?


–  UN Sustainable Development Goals

– Sustainable Development Research

-Environmental Protection

–  Volunteer Teaching

–  Rural Kindergartens

–  Research Report

Project Description

Gongcheng Yao Autonomous County belongs to Guilin city of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, which is known as “being second to none in scenery under the heaven”. Since ancient times, Gongcheng Yao Autonomous County has been the most important area of the Central Plains into the south of the Five Ridges. It has a long history and culture, distinctive Yao characteristics, and the ancient buildings of the Ming and Qing Dynasties are also well preserved. It was selected as the Sixth Batch of Chinese historical and cultural towns in 2014.

The volunteers will live in Fengyan village, a beautiful ancient Yao village. Fengyan village is located in Lianhua Town, Gongcheng County, with more than 480 permanent residents and 1700 people.

The volunteers will live in Fengyan village, a beautiful ancient Yao village. Fengyan village is located in Lianhua Town, Gongcheng County, with more than 480 permanent residents and 1700 people.

Learning the Methodology of Sustainable Development

Understanding the background, content, and practical significance proposed by UN sustainable development goals, preliminarily studying the methodology of Social Sciences, the design method of investigation and research, the method of comparative analysis, the method of field investigation, and the method of group study. Conducting the project design in groups according to the advanced international learning method—Project Based Learning method.

Project Research Reports and Papers

Volunteer Teaching in Rural Kindergartens

Play the role of the young volunteer, teach classes, and interact with children in local kindergartens of town and village. After the training, you should design interactive teaching content such as music, art, English, sports, etc., improve the teaching plan, and organize support teaching activities in groups.

An informal discussion will be held among teachers, students, and parents to understand the current situation of rural education, and you should think about how to promote education equity and education development during the process of rural revitalization and targeted poverty alleviation.

Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development

With the improvement of villagers’ living standards, domestic waste has significantly increased, especially disposable chopsticks, paper cups, plastic packaging, and the use of chemical lotions, fertilizers and pesticides, which have caused damage to the fragile ecological environment.

You can understand the process of the ecological cycle and environmentally sensitive vulnerabilities by drawing the map of rural communities. You should think about the effective measures of waste reduction and waste fee classification, and promote the concept and concrete methods of environmental protection.

Minority Cultures and Rural Tourism Development

Yangshuo County, the neighbor of Gongcheng, is adjacent to the well-known Guilin scenic spot, has developed rapidly in recent years.

Gongcheng County has the reputation of “Longevity Town” and “the Best Residential Comfort”, but rural tourism is in need of further development.

While participating in the volunteer teaching and rural investigation, the students, as “rural travel experience officers”, should provide advice for rural tourism, fabricate publicity pictures and videos, develop value-added services, and characteristic rural experience.

Project Proven Results

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