Online Laos Chinese Language Volunteer Teaching

Background and Overview

In the sustainable development study and Chinese language volunteer teaching project (online-Laos), the students will be guided by professional teachers to learn sustainable development-related knowledge and Chinese teaching skills and methods. This project focuses on the shortage of Chinese language talents in Laos, and formulates online oral Chinese language teaching and cultural exchange programs to provide online Chinese language volunteer teaching for Lao teenagers.

It aims to provide opportunities for Lao teenagers to learn Chinese, improve Chinese language teachers’ multi-media teaching ability, promote cultural exchanges between China and Laos, so as to facilitate the realization of the fourth item of the UN sustainable development goals—quality education.

Why do we need to participate in Project-Based Research in a rural area?


–  UN Sustainable Development Goals

– Online oral Chinese language teaching

-Promote Cultural Exchanges

–  Volunteer Teaching

–  Quality Education

–  Research Report

Project Schedule

(60 hours in total)

2020.12 Module 1: Expert Course of Sustainable Development, 10 hrs
Internationalization and global competence. Countries, enterprises, and individuals during the construction of “Belt and  Road”. UN sustainable development goals and volunteer service Southeast Asian culture and cross-culture communication Investigation and research method and designLectures will be given by experts and scholars in related fields. According to the goal of sustainable development, the students should independently select topics or fields such as historical changes, economic development, external relations, gender equality, and educational equity, collect information and literature, and write research reports.
2020.12-2021.1  Module 2: Training of Chinese Language Teaching, 16 hrs
Overview and research methods of teaching Chinese as a foreign language Teaching skills of Chinese characters, grammar and pronunciation Planning and design of online live class and interactive games Guidance of lesson preparation for oral Chinese Course Online classroom case sharing The use of live online platform and student management Teaching simulation and trial teaching practice 1 & 2Instructors training Group preparation teaching plan c 
2021.1-2021.2   Module 3: Online Chinese Volunteer Teaching, 24 hrs
Group discussion and lesson preparation Online Chinese volunteer teaching8 classes in total, 1 hour for lesson preparation, 2 hours for teaching.  The teaching situation will be timely summarized and the program will be modified. 
2021.2  Module 4: Summary and Sharing, 10 hrs
The group should complete the summary and research report of volunteer teaching Share the experience of volunteer teaching Summary and sharing meetingImprove research report  Summarize volunteer teaching experience 
2021 Summer vocation    the follow-up activities
On-the-spot investigation and volunteer teaching of Chinese Host family and culture visitAfter the completion of the support teaching undertakings project, the students can continue to participate in the related projects.

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