MUNUC Asia Online Conference 2022

Invitation from the Organizing Committee

Dear delegates,

We are incredibly excited to welcome you to MUNUC Asia Online 2022.

Although the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has made a physical conference impossible, the Model United Nations of the University of Chicago in partnership with WELAND is extremely excited to offer a virtual iteration of this invaluable conference.

Even in these unprecedented times, the mission of Model United Nations of the University of Chicago remains the same: to educate students on the complexities of international relations and the resolution of global challenges; to provide delegates feedback that enables them to hone their public speaking, critical thinking, communication, and negotiation skills; and to create an engaging atmosphere for valuable debate and collaboration.

We are excited to present a variety of committees during this MUNUC Asia conference from March 26th through 27th and the WEMUN Summit Shanghai 2022 from April 3rd through 5th.

The executives for both conferences have spent time carefully selecting topics for discussion. Ranging from limits of free speech to food access and exploitation of indigenous crops, these committees will simulate some of the world’s most important policy-making bodies, and participation in them will provide you with a deeper understanding of international institutions. A large amount of research goes into producing each of our background guides, so I encourage you to use them as a resource as you begin to research your assigned topics.

If you have any questions about preparation for the conference, or about anything else, I encourage you to reach out to WELAND, or Jingwen Zhang, MUNUC’s Chief Strategy Officer, at Thank you so much for your interest in this conference, and I look forward to seeing you soon!

Carolyn Castroblanco
Secretary-General, MUNUC 3

Committees & Topics   

Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM)

Topic A: Historic, Cultural, and Natural Preservation

Topic B: Limits of Free Speech

Chair: Darya Foroohar

UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)

Topic A: Maternal Mortality

Topic B: Female Trafficking

Chair: Zian Li

United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

Topic A: Endangered Languages

Topic B: Food Access and Exploitation of Indigenous Crops

Chair: Katie Fraser

Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ)

Topic A: Money Laundering

Topic B: Wildlife Trafficking and Illegal Logging

Co-Chairs: Fawwaz Hafizh & Evelyn Voss

Conference Timeline

2022.03.01Conference Registration Opens
2022.03.01Committees and Topics Release
2022.03.01Background Guides Release
2022.03.01Country Assignment
2022.03.05Directors Information Release
2022.03.26MUNUC China Online Conference 2022 Starts

Conference Schedule

March 26th, Saturday (Beijing Time, GMT+8hrs)  

08:30-12:00Opening Ceremony & Session 1
13:30-17:00Session 2
21:00-23:00Session 3

March 27th, Sunday (Beijing Time, GMT+8hrs)  

08:30-12:30Session 4 & Closing Ceremony(including award presentation)

Conference Platform

Conference Fees

Conference fee: 60 USD/per delegate, including delegate Online training. 

Delegation registration

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